Long, Endless Parade

by The Academics

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I've been staring at the sky for days It never has much to say Like a rainy day in May Like a friendly game of charades Like a family holiday Like a big mistake Like a long, endless parade Like a long, endless parade And I tried to keep track of you But it all went by too soon Like a perfect day in June Like a sunny afternoon Like a child's birthday balloon Like a fat, full moon Like a hit radio tune Like a hit radio tune And I waited for you to call But you didn't say much at all With the help of some alcohol Like a basketball You were bouncing off of the wall You were bouncing off of the wall To my hit radio tune To my hit radio tune
Well I can keep this up forever Our casual play of words If you would only call me clever If you laughed until it hurt I would sing to you till morning I'd be on the hundredth verse And by tomorrow evening The one-hundred-ninety-first And I could keep this up forever Just gazing in your eyes The colors send me flying The light it never dies In the right I see my future This may come as a surprise And in the left my own reflection But it's stripped of all disguise And I could keep this up forever The intermingling of our hands If you world press your palm to mine now If you'd dare to take that chance I would lift you when you're downlow I would take you out to dance And while the moves they may be new to you I think you'll understand Now I know you are a songstress You might be wondering where's the bridge Or I don't even hear a chorus Just stanzas in a list But that's the point that I've been making The one you may have simply missed My feelings could not be more forthright There are no turns there are no twists So while I could go on forever You would excuse me if I stop There are more songs I've got to write you There are more rhymes I've yet to drop I hope my words have served their purpose And they send your heart aloft But if you need to hear this one more time I'll take it from the top Because I can sing to you forever
Have you ever felt like drowning In the voice in your head Can they get you out of this mess? And I threw up when I saw you All those pills I'd been prescribed By some doctor who claims the truth Is just a dirty compromise Well doc I've got a problem 'Cause there ain't nothing left to hide No more skeletons or dirty laundry Left to psychoanalyze Maybe moments are what we become when we're gone Maybe moments are what we become when we're gone Maybe moments, maybe moments Maybe moments are what we become when we're gone Have you ever felt like screaming Under the sheets of your bed Tell me how I get out of this place? Well baby there's a change-a-comin' It carries dreams and bags of grain But all this heat man and all these people Are driving me a bit insane Well the coyote caught my lady In the teeth of liberty And all the furniture strapped to the floor Was suddenly on the ceiling And maybe pictures are what they become when they're gone And maybe pictures are what they become when they're gone Maybe pictures, maybe pictures Maybe pictures are what they become when they're gone My god, they've got their cameras out My god, what's all the noise about My god, they've got their cameras out My god, what's all the noise about My god, they've got their cameras out My god
At a party in 2015 You made me feel sixteen all over again You know I'm real shy but you seem like my type So I decided to give it a try Now lately you don't call me baby You say I'm more like a heart attack Or maybe more like a shot of whiskey As you get older I just knock you back Because I needed that effect Like a card on every birthday And a candle for every year Last night I saw you for the first time You were in a long line of dark-haired girls And I asked someone if you were feeling alright 'Cause it looks like you really don't And they said she's been feeling kind of lonely Her appetite it just comes and goes Even when she's hungry it's for something too sweet She prefers that candy up her nose And she pretends she doesn't know All of the calories in cough drops And all the salt from her tears I believe what I see Just not very strongly I've got nothing to lose but my time Like an innocent convict Or a newborn infant That's just watching the world go by And I believe what I say I just say it softly Like the wind on a summer's night That whispers to you When you need to hear it And tells you everything's going to be just fine
I jumped in the car, replaying the call Crushing the eight ball knob into my palm I was all set to run every red light I'd see But try as I might, they all kept turning green You were standing out front, you'd just finished a smoke Trying to bundle your body away from the cold As soon as I slid lurching wild round the curve You hustled and hurried your way to the curb "Let me throw my stuff in the back," I said You took a seat, staring straight ahead And shut your door, which dimmed out all the lights You closed your eyes and bleated out, "Just drive." "Just drive," you cried, "Don't stop. Just drive all night." "Forgive me," I said, "The window's broke. It don't go up all the way, I know." You shrugged and said, "Hell, that's okay. I wanted it rolled down anyway." "Just tell me what we're fleeing for." You quipped, "The zombie hordes, of course." And though it was only half in jest I put the pedal to the floor You turned the knob and called out amen For some DJ exiled to three AM Who spun seven inches we thought were lost to time And you swayed along, and shouted out, "Just drive." "Just drive," you said, "Don't stop. Just drive all night." The witching hour's made for the 5 There's spirits out there, the air's alive The neon streaks where truckers rest Can't tell one roadside from the next A chill set in around four or so I slowed to don my overcoat "Don't stop," you said, and gripped the wheel tight You set us straight and spoke to me, "Just drive." "Just drive," you said, "Don't stop. You'll be alright." When daybreak came you woke surprised And rubbed the sleep out of your eyes "A cup of joe would hit the spot. How far until another stop?" And just right then, a V-dub passed by Ten teens belting out a cappella rhymes But the exit sign was coming into sight You waved it off, and said to me, "Just drive." "Just drive," you said, "Don't stop. I'll be alright."
It's been three years since I drove upstate Where I could say this all to your face I did it all for a chance A naive view of romance I bet it all on a whim that day But then it all came back to me Yea that woman she made a man out of me And that story's been told But what did I know It takes two for a happy ending Oh it was lovers & coffee & snow I'm here underneath your window I'm not ready to let it all go It's been so long since we've felt like kids Where we could say this all with a kiss Maybe I'm grasping at air I think something's still there Remember when we held hands at MoMa Oh it was Rothko & Pollock & You And I didn't know where we were going But I knew that we'd make it through And I said won't you please stay the night?
There's a man you've seen around once or twice With a glimmer in his eye And you're sure he cast that light your way one time He's got a smile that's nice but his shoes don't shine He ain't wealthy but he's kind And that's kind of what you've needed nights gone by Well he's going away but you're well aware You could never make him stay And tomorrow he won't be passing by this way Hear the whistle blow, girl don't you know There won't be another day So you better get on board that train before it's too late And there's a girl you spied in a bookstore aisle Putting pages in a pile In some moleskins that she's been filling on the sly And you once inquired what's inside barely making out her reply Oh she may be pretty but shes pretty shy She says come this May I'm going upstate Where a gal can find some space 'Cause I've been feeling like a rodent in a race And when you read the rest right on her face Your heart was picking up the pace So you better get on board that train before it's too late There's a fire that burns most every night When I lie down to calm my mind And a voice it seems is crying from inside There's a love I shunned it won't be denied There's a question that will not die There's a signpost up ahead that's drawing naught 'Cause you showed me a world that I can't escape And a dream I can't explain And a feeling I'm not sure I'll know again But I won't flinch one bit, I won't turn my gaze No this moment I won't betray 'Cause I'm gonna get on board that train before it's too late I'm gonna get on board that train before it's too late
It's Saturday night Your clothes come off The argument starts That's how I know it's the weekend There's a party backstage After the show But you're calling a cab You always go home before the beat drop You pull me aside You whisper my name You want it so badly It's always the same thing Oh my god I want what you've got Oh my god Say all the right things Drunk haze that night brings The way you're just like me The sun comes out We kiss and make up What's the point of the drama If we sleep in the same bed Where it's such a perfect place Will you love the man that I become Will you love me in the morning If you're still around won't you wake me up I tend to miss the alarm It just goes off with no one to shut it up Like barking dogs in the pound The world spins to keep it all on the ground The world spins to keep us all on the ground We sing and sing to keep making sound I sing and sing to keep you around But where are you now?
I watch the hipster smoke I watch the white-collar self Over work, over work, over work I lie in bed for days I stare at my screen After night, after night, after night I sing myself a song I whisper in my head No no no, no no no, no no no Have you heard me say Someday I will, someday I will Have you seen it come true? I make blank promises To fool myself For what will change one day that I don't care Have you heard me say Someday I will, someday I will Are you tired by now? Then why don't you tell me so Tell me you don't love me Tell me you love my presentation more than anything else Have you heard me say Someday I will, someday I will Are you tired by now? Then why don't you tell me so Tell me you don't love me Tell me you love my presentation more than anything else Have you heard me say Someday I will, someday I will Have you seen it come true? Someday I will sing
We keep acting out the play I guess we were born this way Two lovers with shaky legs And always one moment too late As both our hands entwine Your heart is crushing mine I'm waiting for the day When I will be replaced All of your pretty lies In your blood-orange disguise Tea cups warm your hands As we sink into the sand To a place we wish was now I'll get you back somehow It's only a matter of time Placeholder won't you take mine
Well it doesn't seem too long ago The first hot spell of the year Exploding on a weekend late in May Your car pulled right up to my curb And the trunk was full of beer And nothing more than fumes were in the tank It was as full a time as I've ever felt The beach it has a knack For stretching out the hours into days So when the light it vanished And the gloaming did attack You honestly seemed thankful when you sang Goodbye summer, goodbye summer Goodbye summer, goodbye son Goodbye summer, goodbye son I lost sight of all my earthly needs You keep wearing less and less And heaven knows I'm not too far behind I keep thinking I'll soon clean the sand From in between the seats But to such entropy I'm quite resigned We've been chasing rays for days and days Heating up just to cool down We wouldn't have it any other way There's no precedent for a fire like ours Or so well tell ourselves Lord I hope you'll never make me say Goodbye summer, goodbye summer Goodbye summer, goodbye son Goodbye summer, goodbye son Well they say it's often estival A bit later in the fall But sunshine in October's not the same When clothes are clean of coppertone And tan lines fade away And summer flings turn into balls and chains Well it's true that we could chase this feelng Somewhere in the south Take a pilgrimage to Rio or Adelaide But what's the light without the darkness What's a thirst forever slaked Just come harmonize with me here in the shade And we'll sing goodbye summer...
Walk to my favorite bar With sunglasses on And pretend that I don't exist Just turn the jukebox on Got my bookmarked spot Order a scotch from off the list But from an unmarked car Out in the parking lot You scream remember when we were kids I'm sorry not that much But let's stay in touch Then regret ever saying it And you told me once Life's a deck of cards And each day it's a new hand Some days it's an ace Sometimes it's bust I'm just doing the best I can But do you have to count Each time you're right Like it's a game that I can't win If you can let one go If you can let one slide It might be better in the end But what change can come When our system's fucked And all that hope don't pay our rent The left leans right The right seems wrong For most of us it's sink or swim Or jobs make us sleep Then we can't go to bed So we just stare at TV screens When the static hits We don't even flinch Like we've been caught up in a dream And they wrapped him up And they choked him out For selling cigarettes on the street While the EMT and the NYPD Heard him scream out I can't breathe And NPR reported no CPR Was performed at the crime scene That wave of blue Crashed over his black body They left him dying in the street


The Academics' sophomore album led by Brooklyn-based songwriter Adam LaGreca.


released July 28, 2017

Adam LaGreca: Songwriter / Vocals / Guitar / Piano
Devon Reed: Songwriter / Vocals / Guitar / Piano
Christy Cui: Bass / Vocals
Braque Hershberger: Lead Guitar
David Walter: Percussion
Samuel Clark: Percussion


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The Academics New York

Indie Rock band from Brooklyn, NY.

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